BIG Exercises = Fat Loss

Do you want to…

• reduce fat?

• Increase muscle (the tone and shape)?

• reduce your risk of injury?

• be fit for life?

• get more done in 30 minutes than you get done in one hour of inferior exercises?

Look no further than BIG EXERCISES.

What is a BIG EXERCISE? “BE”

A BE is also known as a compound exercise and is one that uses multiple muscles at the same time.

Good examples of BE’S are:

Body weight: Squats, press-ups, lunges, planks, and mountain climbers

Kettlebell: KB swing, KB clean and press, KB rows, KB snatch KB squats, KB lunges and KB Turkish get ups.

Free weights: Deadlifts, Bent-rows, Clean and presses, Bench presses, Squats and Lunges

There are lots of ways you can put them together in a workout. I’m going to show you a HITT workout I use with my online clients that workout at home. You need no equipment except a mat and plenty of space.

Incase your thinking “what’s HITT?” here’s a very quick description

HITT stands for high intensity interval training. You work very hard for a short time (Usually 15-30 minutes). Workouts consist of intervals of hard work and rest. HITT is not for everyone and can be extremely challenging. If in doubt always consult your GP before jumping straight into any workout you haven’t done before.

Here’s the workout “you can follow along and workout with me in real time if you like?”

The workout consists of 6 exercises to be done in pairs (45 seconds work with 15 seconds rest).

1st pair

  • Burpees

  • plank

2nd pair

  • Lunges

  • Press-ups

3rd pair

  • Sideways squat

  • Mountain climbers

The workout above will reduce your body fat faster than just doing cardio alone (think of it as cardio with weights).


Prioritising the big exercises is a must for anyone who wants to lose body fat, build some muscle and tone their body. Not only that but doing the exercises that we are built for keeps you strong, supple and able to take on life’s challenges!

If you have any questions about the workouts shown just leave comment below