How Much Water Do You Need?

Personal Training How Much Water?

By the end of this post you will know how to work out, how much water you need per day, and what counts towards your daily intake.

Why is water important?

I know you have heard it before we need to drink more water. It’s defiantly true we do! Your hydration effects everything in your body and your performance! If you lose 2% of your body-weight in water it can effect aerobic performance, and if you lose 3% of body-weight in water it can effect your strength levels!

It worth mentioning to that both losing weight and muscle tone are also affected by dehydration. So that means if you’re doing everything right but you have overlooked water intake, your weight-loss or toning efforts just won’t happen as quickly. As for the health benefits of drinking enough water there is a seemingly endless list!

How much water should you be drinking per day?

How much you need is very different from person to person. Things that effect how much water you need are:

• How much exercise you do and type of exercise (the more you exercise the more you will need)

• Your climate (the hotter it is the more you need)

• Daily activity amounts (the more active you are the more you will need)

• What type of person you are (some people just sweat more than others)

Ways to work out your daily water intake

1. For every 23kg of body weight you drink 1 litre of water

''I weigh 66kg so I would see how many times 23kg fits in to 66kg which is roughly 2.8 times''

So per day I would drink 2.8 Liters per day. Personally I would round that number up and just aim for 3 liters because it’s easier.

2. Drink enough water to have 5 clear urinations per day.

To accomplish this drink as much water as needed to give yourself 5 clear urinations per day, and keep track of how many liters this is.


You may be reading this thinking” I do get enough water but I’m still thirsty", and I’m urinating more than 5 times per day”.

If you are this is great you are drinking enough water but you may not be absorbing it.

Ways you can increase the absorption of the water you drink are:

• Adding a pinch of Himalayan sea salt to every litre of water you drink (It must not be normal table salt as this has been stripped of all minerals)

• Lightly salting to food at meal times will also help

What beverages count to your daily water intake?

The short answer is everything but alcohol! This is because alcohol makes you lose fluids faster than you can replace them. Yes you herd that right, everything from soft drinks, tea, coffee and milk still hydrate you. But are they healthy or the best thing you can drink to hydrate yourself? Defiantly not! The best thing you could be drinking is water.

How to best apply this information to your life?

Do the calculation to start with and while consuming this amount of water,  see how it affects the frequency and colour of your urine. If it's clear and you're going to the bathroom 5 times, that's great you are are on the right track! If not you made need to slightly adjust it to fit your activity level and lifestyle.

If you have liked this post share it with someone who needs to drink more water!