I understand that keeping fit might not be your number one priority.  It's hard to fit exercise in when you have a demanding job, or kids to look after. But I'm confident with my help you can be fit, lean and healthy.   

I work with my clients using zoom, over the phone or email, and keep them motivated with weekly check ins.

Online training programmes are unique to you and I will tailor them suit any fitness level. Even if you are not a member at a gym or have no fitness equipment, I can give you workouts that can be done anywhere.  

It's not just about exercise, nutrition plays a very big part in your health and fitness.  I will give you eating plans that you can stick to, and motivate you to keep on track.



I am passionate about helping people like you to get lean, but also to find a healthy balance between your health, and your work, family and social life.

I am a qualified personal trainer and over the last 6 years have helped hundreds of clients achieve their goals. Whether the goal be to slim down, tone up or just get fit enough to run a certain distance or take part in an event.  Some of my clients have wanted to lose a lot of weight, some just 7-14 pounds.

I truly belive there is no such thing as a diet. I eat heathy and eat the ocasional treat which is normally some kind of creamy desert or a few G&T'S!